First Class Daunen


The filling power – measured in CUIN – is the primary scientific standard for the quality of the down. The higher the filling power, i.e. the CUIN value, the better the quality. By pointing out the filling power of its collections, KAUFFMANN clearly stands by its commitment to quality!

At the same weight, first-class down is several times more voluminous with a much greater filling power, making it fluffier than normal down.The duvet is perceptibly lighter with the same thermals performance. The best duvet is the one, which has the highest thermal insulation property at the lowest weight.

Starting from 450 CUIN the quality is usable to good. KAUFFMANN First Class Down starts at 650 CUIN.

The Eiderdown – The most desirable down in the world

We exclusively use handpicked Eiderdown for our Specials Kollektion “Königin der Nacht”.

The Eiderdown originates from the Eider duck, which are at home on the coasts of the North Sea, in Scandinavia and especially in Iceland. Besides serving as a means of protection of the duck itself, Eider down also protects the broods of the nests. Due to the characteristics of the Eider down it is valued as the most exclusive filling material for our down comforters.

Please take your time watching our video and enjoy the vast landscape scenes of Island.

Kauffmann respects animal welfare

respects animal welfare

As one of the leading companies in the business, KAUFFMANN sees itself obliged to set an example when it comes to sustainability. We are devoted to the following four principles: honesty, fairness, creativity and the promotion of positive aspects. The furthering of employees coupled with sustainable, innovative ways of thinking result in products appreciated by our customers, who place their trust in us.

One of the cornerstones for KAUFFMANN “RESPECTS ANIMAL WELFARE” is the promise that the company does not use the down or feathers of any living animals.

This moral code is obligatory, not only for our employees – it equally applies to our suppliers, producers and partners. KAUFFMANN constantly checks all supplier relations. We apply clear guidelines and quality criteria to our high-quality raw materials, which are continually monitored in our own laboratory.

Handwork and the greatest of care


Down is an exceptionally high-quality natural material which demands not only the latest machinery but also the utmost care and a great deal of dexterity. The time-intensive manual processing stages show their worth by providing exceptional quality.

And we freely admit to feeling a sense of pride in each and every duvet which leaves our plant. After all, we still process and finish our duvets with the same passion, as did the founder of our company.

Manufacture and high-tech combined in one company

The KAUFFMANN name stands for first-class quality products from Europe’s most modern manufacturing facility for down duvets. In addition to employing pioneering mechanical processing methods, we have maintained careful manual manufacturing processes. The work stages that decide on the quality of the finished products are still carried out by hand.

Firstly, all the incoming down is thoroughly cleaned and hygienically washed before it is carefully graded. Original handwork is still employed for the exact filling of our top-quality products. This enables the precisely determined volume of down to be evenly and perfectly distributed.

KAUFFMANN is one of only a handful of one-stop manufacturers in the business. This means that each and every single step is performed in-house, from the selection and cleaning of the down through to the final seam on the finished product.