The hometown of KAUFFMANN lies embedded in one of the loveliest landscapes anywhere, next to the Lake of Constance, in the heart of Europe. Our plant has its roots in this traditional region, going all the way back to 1823.

The KAUFFMANN name stands for first-class quality products – Made in Austria – from Europe’s most modern manufacturing facility for down duvets. In addition to employing pioneering mechanical processing methods, we have maintained careful manual manufacturing processes for offering only the best for a healthy and sound sleep.

The satisfaction of our customers in over 40 countries is our joy and our motivation alike. Only the best deserves to bear the KAUFFMANN name.

Our History


Langenargen 1896

The Kauffmann Family

establishes a wholesale grocery store in Stuttgart. A poultry farm is added later on, and with it the processing of down.


Langenargen 1896

The first duvet factory

is established in Langenargen at the Lake of Constance.



The Johannes KAUFFMANN

duvet factory is constructed in Bregenz, Austria.


Alpenlaendische Bettenfabrik Bregenz

A new duvet factory

the „Alpenländische Bettfedernfabrik„ is built in Bregenz, Austria.


Grossnaeherei 1992

A new raw material warehouse

and a new large sewing facility are constructed in Langenargen, Germany. Factory II and III are redeveloped.


Kauffmann Hörbranz

Europe’s most modern duvet plant

is set up in Hörbranz on the Lake of Constance, Austria. The two productions plants are merged together.


Logo Kauffmann Geschichte

The Sleepwell KAUFFMANN Ltd.

is renamed.


In over 40 countries in the world

KAUFFMANN is represented, and by using first-class down, we provide the highest quality that is in demand internationally.

Social Responsibility

We have set lasting signals regarding animal protection as well as our environment, health and society.

Thoughts of sustainability have been deeply rooted in the company’s philosophy for many years. We always do our best to act as responsible as possible in all the different areas of the company, socially, ecologically and economically.

Our down and feathers are not plucked from live animals. This is stated in the KAUFFMANN “RESPECTS ANIMAL WELFARE” codex. However, we check the purchasing of our down completely across all the different manufacturing levels and are thus able to prove the origin of our goods all the time. This is in order to protect animals and to enrich our society. KAUFFMANN – a company showing responsibility.

Education and Career

The employees are the main contribution to the success of KAUFFMANN. Ambition, enthusiasm and passion are necessary to implement the company’s vision realizing the world’s best down and feather comforters.

People who value a dynamic and international environment are at the right address when it comes to our company. We do everything to satisfy our client’s wishes anew – starting with the designing of our products throughout the whole production process right to the special shopping event in over 40 countries of the world.

We accompany and support you with different corresponding courses and hope that you feel well and are able to develop positively.

We will let you know about all the different leisure possibilities that the Lake of Constance region has to offer and how exciting your life could be. If necessary we would also assist you moving to our area.

We look forward to meeting you!

Job Openings

Currently there are no job openings available.

However, you are always welcome to submit your application, which you may forward to Ms. Ingrid Burscher: ingrid.burtscher@kauffmann.at