The quality seal and hallmark “Bramscher Tuch” (finest fabrics from Bramsche) was already being awarded in the eighteenth century: Selected representatives of the fabric-makers’ guild used it to distinguish exclusive fabrics which met all of the highest standards. Ever since, “Bramscher Tuch” has been a guarantor for exquisite quality.

Sanders is the last cotton fabric finisher in Bramsche to preserve this artisan tradition, and thus supplies us with one of the best fabrics available today. “Bramscher Tuch EXKLUSIV” (EXCLUSIVE fabrics Bramsche) is the combination of high-quality raw materials, fine yarns and exclusive cotton finishing.

We rely on SanPro-Care® sensitive cotton fabric for specially- refined fabrics which incorporate special properties. It absorbs moisture particularly fast, distributes it across all fibres and releases this into the ambient air in the shortest-possible time.

For a downy-soft, dry and warm bed climate, which significantly contributes to regenerative sleep!