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Cashmere is the finest and most valuable natural hair filling. The extremely fine, curly down in this high-quality duvet is particularly soft, supple and so cosy that you will never want to do without this luxury again.


Camel Hair

The camel hair filling makes this duvet unbelievably lightweight, snug and gives it its outstanding heat insulation and the ability to transport moisture rapidly. Together with the fine cover fabric, this creates a pleasant and soft feeling for you when sleeping.


Wild Silk

Wild silk is a fine, skin-friendly natural fiber with extraordinary moisture absorption. It is particularly suitable for sleepers with low heat demand and for the warm season.



A high proportion of Tencel® provides excellent moisture management. The fibre can absorb about 50% more moisture than cotton and releases this again quickly into the room air. Due to particularly smooth fibre structure, Tencel® is the 1st choice for dust mite allergy sufferers.



Bamboo fibre is a wonderful, unique filling for duvets. It is very soft, highly absorbent and features outstanding temperature control properties. Due to the softness of the material and the unique body zone quilting, this duvet fits snugly around the body.